Voice Broad casting

IVR is very Known system now a days, we can use IVR to cater different purposes of inbound and outbound services. It is ideal platform to be accessed by customer and to access customers.

Measure and Improve Customer Support with IVR Phone. Surveys Generate Phone Leads for Marketing Campaigns Score Phone Leads Before Passing to Sales Receive Customer Feedback on New Products for Customers Testing in Beta with Inbound and Outbound IVRs


Broadcast marketing or informational messages to customers and clients

Phone Polling, Surveys and Voting

Ring large numbers of people and present IVR options for either polling their opinions, interactive surveys, or taking their vote and record the results

Debt Control

Customers can be automatically reminded at intervals that they owe money, and an IVR menu presented to talk to the finance department or passed to a credit card capture IVR to pay over the phone.

department or passed to a credit card capture IVR to pay over the phone.

IVR based service activation

A service can be offered via outbound dialer and give option to activate the service instantly via IVR..

Appointment reminders

Doctors, Dentists, and other organisations that make appointments for their clients can integrate Dialer into their appointment systems to pass a message reminding them of an upcoming appointment. .

Mass Emergency Broadcasting

Where there is a necessity to warn large numbers of people in a short space of time, such as weather warnings.

Subscription Reminders and Renewals

Where a company sells an annual subscription for a product or service, Dialer can be configured to dial the customer, remind them that the subscription is due, and optionally pass the call into a call centre or into a credit card payment IVR.

Outbound Call Conferencing

An effective way of joining people up into a conference.


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